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Building interior and exterior electrical power and lighting system design. Forecasting of electrical power demands and load profiling. Short circuit analysis and coordination for power system. Lighting studies including photometric calculations. EPI utilizes the latest software for power and lighting studies.

Assessment of existing conditions: Preparation of detailed condition report including sketches, configuration, and safety assessment of the electrical system. Recommendation for corrective action work including budgetary estimates.

Studies, planning and design of distribution substations for transformation, switching and system protection.

Uninterruptible Power Systems

Studies, planning and design of electrical power systems, such as generators in connection with solid state converters, to provide continuous electrical power for critical requirements such as computers and communications.

Studies, planning and design of overhead and underground electrical distribution systems, switching and system protection (12kV, 4.16kV, 35kV).

Studies, planning and design of electrical power generation plants for industrial, commercial and Government agency applications, to supply electrical power when utility service fails.

The system includes PV modules mounted on parking canopies or integrated with the building and inverters. It some cases the PV system is provided with battery storage for capability to store power and ability to use at later time.

Engineering design of EV charging stations including accessibility requirements for public charging use. EPI has designed over 150 locations throughout San Diego and its counties, and including military installations.

Studies, planning and design of telemetry and supervisory control systems (FMS, UCS) for electric utility networks.

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